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Sustainability Promise FAQ

We are holding ourselves accountable! Here’s our sustainability promise for our brand. We are making a conscious effort to save our planet! 🌍   



How long do biodegradable packing peanuts take to break down?

  • Our biodegradable packing peanuts dissolve within seconds of coming in contact with moisture. They dissolve in most types of liquid and have no waste left behind.


What is biodegradable by our standards?

  • We strive to be as sustainable as possible. With this we opt for certain things that can be broken down by bacteria and the earth without causing any major harm to the earth. Biodegradable packing peanuts are much safer than traditional packing peanuts as they contain no styrofoam.


What materials are used for plastic packaging?

  • Recyclable Pete/Pet


What are your shipping boxes made of?

  • Eco friendly, corrugated shipping boxes. They’re also recyclable and made with recycled material.


Is the ink used for labels eco friendly?

  • Yes! They help avoid waste and they’re recyclable.


What does sustainably mean to us?

  • Simple, we care about the earth and items used to package, manufacture and everything in between. Though we can’t claim we are 100% sustainable we are making a conscious effort to be as sustainable as we can being a small business. Our packaging is about 97% glass. Our brand is built on plants and we strive to continue to make the best and most sustainable products without compromising our vision and care for the earth. 🌍